tehblueluigiparty-deactivated20 said: You know, there's a Creepypasta called Sally.exe and its a ripoff on Sonic.exe...

Oh right on. Lol.


I was looking for my iPod when I found it, I plug it inside my computer to check out my files I had on it. I had 4 folders.PHOTOS, MUSIC, ~>%?€^,!^6.avi… I open up mario_wants_you666 first and it wasn’t creepy but Mario’s name was replaced with HELP ME, it was just a the SMB1 for the NES. I started in World 666-1 , it wasn’t creepy again because it was World 1-1. I jumped on the flagpole and going again with the same level but creepier. Mario was crying out blood, the music changed to the Hills music in sonic.exe, and the background sky was light grey. I jumped on the flagpole again, doing the same level again but Mario still had the blood under his eyes and he was smiling in a creepy way. The background was grey. The music was gone and all the bricks were gone too. Again I jumped on the flagpole but the flag on the flagpole was gone. The next level is the same like forever but Mario had the same things on his face but his eyes was black, the background was blood red, the groombas and koopas was replaced with blood and the flagpole was gone. Mario went inside the castle with the pipe sound. The game crashed and when I open up YOUR_NEX%~>~>%?€^,!^6.avi. The computer turned off and I heared ” It’s a me, Mario!!! Your Player 666” I look behind me and saw a mario doll, with black eyes, blood coming out the eyes and that creepy smile.

leeroyhrrm said: Is the story about the tragic clown in the Sims game a real story because it was creepy.

The tragic clown is somewhat real. There IS a painting in Sims 1 called the tragic clown and he will haunt your house but I don’t think it escalates that far. Lol.

Anonymous said: Are all the stories on here actually true? The tragic clown one freaked me out and I want to know if that actually happened or was made up if you know.

They’re creepypastas…


The game “spore creature creator” for PC was released in 2008, drawing attention to many EA fans. Spore became a widely known game over the internet and by now, it was almost impossible to search youtube without seeing creations that people have made, noobish and professional.

The game allowed you to create animals and civilizations however you like, from three eyes to ten mouths, you could float through the sea as a cell or fly around in space. Then in 2009, an expansion pack was released, it’s name being “Spore: galactic adventures” Yet again, the EA fans swarmed the shops, searching for it, walking home with this amazing game in their hands. On wednesay 7th july 2010, it was posted on a private spore fanbase of a glitch, posted by the user “Pzzuu!”. Pzzuu! claimed to have witnessed a glitch, unknown to even maxis, spore’s developers. The first time, Pzzuu had claimed to see a series of unknown creatures, the creator’s name had been blanked out. All of these creatures took the form of a human, amost realistic. The first creature was nameless, the second creature had seven unknown characters for it’s name.

In total, there were nine creations, all of which crashed when Pzzuu! attempted to open them.The creature editor opened up like normal, the creature appeared as a human, covered in red dots, upon entering the texture editor however would result in the crash. Pzzuu! also claimed that once the game closed, the game box would remain on the desktop, even after a restart. The icon at the top left of the box resembled a human head, covered yet again in red dots.

Pzuu! opened the game once more, the buttons on the menu all resembled the human head. Upon entering the sporepedia, one more spore creature was said to have appeared, it’s name being “lybonrehc”. It’s model represented what looks like a city, filled with corpses, a hacked part. Playing the creature stage of the game, the ground was pure black with no water, yet straying out to low ground would result in a fish creature eating the player. Only, the creature’s body was replaced with a line of red.

Pzzuu! had by now, quit the game all together, his final post on the spore fanbase was a line of continuous dots. He was never heard from since his final post, his profile had revealed that he was last online at wednesday 7th july, 12:57, before his last post, semingly impossible.

The day after, another player named “Vendersis” had reported the same glitch.The only difference was another creature in the sporepedia. A skull and crossbones icon was attatched to the creature’s icon, indicating it was extinct, even outside of the creature stage. The creature’s body resembled a black box, it’s texture resembling 8-bit skeletons, mushed together. The most disturbing of it all, the creature’s name was Pzzuu!

Nobody else recieved the glitch which was sooner named “Bloodspore” Now it leaves the question… Is Pzzuu! dead?


I’ve always been a fan of Mortal Kombat games, especially the Mortal Kombat Project games, but not anymore. In fact, I hate even hearing about the game. One day, I was surfing the web for some games for my emulators, and I happen to come upon a game called “MortalKombat.exe”. I’m not going to give out the link for the safety of you and your computer. But anyways, I thought it would be boring and dull, but when I looked at the RAM it took up, it said that it takes 2 GB, so I thought to myself that the game would be exciting, because I’ve never downloaded a Mortal Kombat game that took so much memory.

So, I clicked on the download link and started downloading the game, suprisingly, it took over 4 hours for the entire game to download, the download then finished, but that’s when things started to get weird. The download box popped up, letting me know that the download was finished, so I clicked “Run”, then my laptop screen burt into static and started playing a frequenly high pitch sound, then the laptop literally went black. I then gruntled to myself in anger trying to turn my laptop back on. After a few tries, my laptop finally turned on, the same as it was before exept there was the game on my desktop. I thought to myself that the laptop probably just crashed from the large download. So I clicked on the game and it started playing. There was no music playing, the screen showed Goro and there were the words Arcade, Versus, Practice, Options and Exit. So I clicked Arcade and the Mortal Kombat I arcade theme burst out of my speakers violently, nearly shaking the whole house, so I muted my computer thinking nothing of the sound, and what came up, I couldn’t believe.

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Creepy Mansion

When I was younger, I loved video games. I would play for hours on end and refuse to socialize with others or go outside. Out of all of my games, The Sims was my favorite. I used to play it to death. I remember getting the original game when it came out in 2000. When I turned thirteen, I found out that my mother gave away my copy of the game and being too young to get a job, I couldn’t afford to buy another copy and she refused to give me money to buy any more video games. It pissed me off but I couldn’t do much about it.

About a year ago, I felt like seeing if I could find another copy of it to play just for the nostalgia. I combed through a few flea markets and found nothing. I was about to give up at the last one and just go home but wanted to check at one last place. I found a copy of The Sims Double Deluxe for sale and asked the person how much he wanted for it. I was made an offer of $12.00. I examined the disk and other than some tiny scratches on the bottom of it, the disk seemed to be in fair condition. As I looked over the game and read the advertisement on the jewel case the game came in, the seller lowered his price to $10.00, insisting that I looked like I really wanted it. Without hesitation, I reached into my pocket and handed the man $10.00 and left.

After I got home from the flea market, I immediately went to my computer to install it. I had not played The Sims since I had my Windows 98 back when I was considerably younger. I went through the vaguely familiar installation process, which required me to input the serial code. After a few minutes, the game was up and ready to be played. I recalled that Double Deluxe was basically The Sims and the first two expansion packs combined. I fired up the game and after watching the familiar intro, I was ready to play.

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Pokemon isn’t real, right?

I am what you might call a hacker. Not exactly that, but more of game hacker. I create new games from other games, add some extra levels, put new stuff, post it on the web, put up a disclaimer, etc.. The games I like to do this the most to is Pokémon games. No doubt many of you read creepypasta and know all about people posting stories that attempt to keep people awake at night out of fear, and some work. This, however, isn’t a fake

Let me start from the beginning. I just finished hacking Pokémon Blue and changed up a few things. It was just for fun, mind you, and I had no intention of ever thinking anything can backfire. It was after I finished a few tweaks that I noticed that I had hacked almost every Pokémon game except for one… Pokémon Leaf Green. Being that this was the last Pokémon hack I was going to make, I wanted to make it special.

My favorite Pokémon is Eevee, and I thought, why not make it the main character in the game? Despite what most think, it isn’t that hard to change a storyline of a game. There are many programs that can help you do it. The storyline I made for Pok♪mon Leaf Green however, was Pokémon Apocolypse, or more over, PokéPocalypse. I know, sounds morbid, but I am that kind of guy… or use to be.

It was suppose to be simple enough. I created another evolution for Eevee that involved a Moon Stone. I cancelled out all other evolution it can make. From that point on it couldn’t become Jolteon, Flareon, etc.. The Pokemon that I placed it to transform into, was Dark Eevee. Before you start wondering, this is not a copy of Umbreon or anything like that. It was suppose to be a new type of Pokémon that I created. I also changed it’s move set too. It was suppose to know only the move Curse, being that I was inspired by some pastas at the time I admit… That wasn’t how it went though…

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Lets Do It For Science

I remember waking up inside a white building inside the industrial jungle we call “home.” I remember seeing their iron masks, covering secrets of where and who I am. Not to say, I already know, it’s just that most people forget once they enter for testing. I say, I must be doing bloody well for where I am.

But she killed you before you could get to me. How lovely. I must say, for the monster she is, she’s got a soft side. And a thing for potatoes. I’m GLaD she is dead. Everyone is dead. Except for this one machine. Wheat Thin, I believe his name was. No, Wheatley. There we go. Ah, what a true friend he is. It’s a shame he killed her though. Oh well, in the name of science I guess it’s okay. And he also told where to get this fantastic gun! It makes science, and death a lot easier.These machines; are they my friends? all I ever see are these, wild mechanical monsters. I’m pretty sure the last humans here are now dead. I know my brother is. Oh. Micheal, you always were a true scientist, putting this through tests and torture. Including your own family. Oh Micheal, you are in a place filled with lab rats. Including yourself. Killing mother and father was not a required test protocol, you wanted to kill them.

Hmm… this thing on my computer called “sCiNcE.exe” keeps appearing. But I know what it is. Her. He trapped her in here. She’s reading everything I’m typing here. Oh God, why? I’m not looking forward to meeting with the final test. It will be quite amusing, yet seeing everything go is such a shame…

"Ms. Chell, are you ready for final deterioration subjection?"

"Yes, but before I go, can I speak with someone for a second?"

"Sure. But make it quick, the bloody core is about to explode!"

"Okay, Wheatley."

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, GLaDOS, remember now, no matter what happens, I’ll be implanted here, so will the next subject, and the next. I left a video for them when they get this. Oh how will they enjoy it! I’m sending this off somewhere in the suburban areas. This unbranded laptop will surely do the trick!


"Coming, Wheatley."

And remember, let’s do it for science!

Spore Creepypasta

Today I decided to play spore. It was nothing out of the normal, except one thing…The creatures looked more realistic than normal. I decided to socialize with a nest of creatures, and one of my socialize tools were named “KILL” and that was weird, because stuff like that should be in an attack section. I was scared, so I decided to play space stage instead. I went on my spore save with a creature named “Tohed” and something was wrong with my homeworld, it was like a lava planet!

This was the same with all of my empire, and I decided to explore space… No other empires were there. This was getting very scary, so I went back to creature stage.

When I was attacking a nest in creature stage, my creature bled realistic blood when it was attacked, and the attack marks stayed on my creature until I came out of an egg again… Maxis, how did this happen?

Also, when a meteor hit the planet, the meteor shards were much bigger, and destroyed an entire nest when it hit one. The spaceship came, abducting creatures… Well not abducting them, the spaceship shot a laser at the creatures and exploded them, with blood.

In cell stage, the cells looked like normal cells because they had no face, but I couldn’t get through the stage because of that.

This was getting too weird, so I left the computer, and nobody was walking outside, except for Spore creatures, the ones I saw while playing,and there was no other houses, there was just a lot of grass, plants, and nests outside. Did I get sucked into the Spore universe?

Many creatures tried to attack me, so I went inside and got one of my kitchen knives, so I could defend myself. And maybe get something to eat…. tasty…. delicious…. virtual….. creatures…..